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Sweets with a pinch of glitter and a sprinkle of happiness!

Hi! I'm Becky, otherwise known as B!

Welcome to my little corner of the world, I’m glad you stopped by! Baking, cooking and pastry have long been hobbies of mine, and since the spring of 2015, I’ve been sharing that hobby with countless folks in my various communities.

Currently, I reside in Kyle, Texas.  After spending 12+ years living overseas while part of the US Navy family, I moved for the final time in May 2017. Overseas duty stations included Atsugi, Japan, Newcastle, Australia and Geilenkirchen, Germany. I'm currently operating from my home kitchen, legally working under the State of Texas Cottage Food Law.

My time in Japan is where my hobby of collecting recipes, cooking and baking began. I had so many willing taste testers in Japan, it was fantastic! I taught conversational English part time, and there was always someone at the house for a lesson. So of course, this was my excuse to try out a new recipe! After discovering that I was pretty good at all of this, I took it one step further.

Le Cordon Bleu school in Sydney

Upon arrival in Australia, I decided I wanted to give culinary school a try. I lived about 3 hours north of Sydney, and there was a Le Cordon Bleu school in Sydney, so I enrolled in their Patisserie program. I truly love what I do because I drove 3 hours there, attended 8 hours of classes and kitchen time, and then drove the 3 hours back home, 3 days a week! I completed the Basic Patisserie Course, and was about half way through the Intermediate Course when I ended up suffering from a major spine injury, and I had to withdraw from the school. I never stopped learning though. After 2 years of therapy and rehabilitation, I was back on my feet, and the move to Europe was fast approaching.

I continued to collect recipes, try new ones, and hone my skills with pastry at home once settled in Germany. Word got around that I was the “go to girl” for desserts, and soon I was the dessert provider for every party and pot luck. I didn’t mind, believe me! Then someone saw a cake I made for Easter, and asked me if I would be willing to make a custom cake for her daughter’s birthday. From there, it progressed into what you see here…

A love for all things sweet, sugary, sparkly and full of sprinkles!

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